Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My First Tag

Four jobs I've had:
  • Working my way up through the ranks of an Alaskan fish cannery for three summers (I started on the "slime line", moved into the egg house and ended up in high-grade caviar).
  • Genealogical research in the Quaker archives of my university.
  • Teaching English in China.
  • Assisting with correspondence between families of organ donors and organ recipients.
Four favorite foods:
  • Chocolate.
  • Wine.
  • Cheese.
  • Potatoes.

Four movies I could (and do) watch over and over
  • Cabaret.
  • Singing in the Rain (or any musical from the 1940's through the 1950's).
  • Amelie (or anything by Marc Caro and/or Jean-Pierre Jeunot).
  • Spirited Away (or anything by Hayao Miyazaki).

Four TV shows I enjoy watching:
  • The X-Files in Chinese.
  • America's Next Top Model.
  • Travel shows.
  • Learning Mandarin on CCTV9 (in China).
Four places I've traveled:

Four websites I visit (almost) daily:

Four people I'm tagging to do this:
  • Huar
  • Elina
  • Kerry Blaisdell
  • Griselle
My computer suddenly stopped being able to add links. So none of the websites referenced are linked. Quelle horreur!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Scent of a Scholar

From the hotel website:

This exquisite hotel filled with strong scholarly aroma is an ideal site for you to either read books or sit idly.

Strong scholarly aroma? I admit to thinking the smell of books and leather is hot, but just how strong are we talking? Will there be doddering men in black capes muttering over ancient tomes? That could get pretty aromatic. And is my romance writing scholarly enough? Do I smell strong enough? I'll let you know...